Tools you’ll need

  1. Rubber gloves: Excellent way to keep finger marks off the vacuum. I’m kind of OC with smudges. It also will keep your hands clean.
  2. Trash container: Get something with a wide opening for disposing of the contents of the dustbin.
  3. Screwdriver set: You’ll need this for disassembling the Dyson V8 cyclone. Get something with a magnetic head as some of the bolts are in deep locations. So it won’t be difficult to reattach the fasteners.

How to clean Dyson V8 filter?

I’ll start by showing you how to clean the filter.

The V8 comes with two:

  1. Pre-motor filter that sits in the middle of the cyclones
  2. Post-motor behind the motor.

Both of these filters are washable. I’ve read in some blogs to use soapy water, but I’d advise against it because it’ll permeate through the filter material, thus reducing its effectiveness at filtering fine dirt.

Also, using soap will make it harder to rinse since you have to remove any soapy residue.

Tap water will suffice.

Steps to clean the pre-motor filter:

  1. Pull out the pre-motor filter.
  2. Rinse under running water. Avoid using a scrubby as it may damage the filter material.
  3. Wring out excess water.
  4. Please wait for it to dry thoroughly before reattaching on the vacuum.

Dyson recommends cleaning the filter once a month. For frequent users, it’s best to do a visual check periodically to check for accumulation.

You can remove the top part of the filter using a blunt tool. This part is held in place by clips. Carefully push the clip using a device (like in the photo below).

Dyson V8 removing filter cap

Don’t go too hard, or the plastic holding the clips may snap.

Once the cover out, it’s easier to clean the inner part of the filter.

Dyson V8 removing filter cap

To prevent any downtime, purchase an extra filter(s), so you’ll have something to use while waiting.

How do you clean a Dyson V8 HEPA filter?

Dyson V8 HEPA
  1. Twist the filter counterclockwise to unlock and remove.
  2. Rinse under running water to remove any accumulation of dirt.
  3. Shake well, then let it dry completely before reattaching.

The post-motor HEPA filter doesn’t need frequent cleaning as the pre-motor filter. Dyson cyclones are good enough at keeping particles of dirt away from it.

Please note that both filters are what Dyson calls “lifetime,” meaning it will last the vacuum’s lifetime if you follow the maintenance protocols.

How to clean Dyson V8 brush head?

Dyson V8 roller brush out

The V8 has two types of cleaning heads – the Fluffy attachment and the standard brush.

I’ll show you how to clean both. Even if both nozzles can resist tangles, it’s essential to check and clean this part regularly. Any buildup of debris will add extra friction and wear – not good for longevity.

Steps to clean V8 Fluffy tool

Remove Dyson V8 removing roller step 1

1. Remove the plastic clip

Underneath the fluffy attachment, you’ll see a plastic bolt holding the roller bar in place. Use a coin to unlock.

Remove Dyson V8 removing roller step 2

2. Take out the roller attachment

On the right side of the tool, you’ll see an arrow graphic. Push this side down to remove the soft roller.

Remove Dyson V8 removing roller arrow

Once this part is out, the smaller roller component behind it also comes out.

3. Clean thoroughly

With all the components out, it’s easier to clean the nooks and crannies.

You can wash both rollers. Dyson recommends using cold water only. Avoid using detergents as it can degrade the cloth material and only lengthen the process.

Check for any mass of hair on both axles and clean as needed.

4. Reattach the rollers

If you’ve washed the rollers, make sure it’s fully dry before attaching it on the nozzle.

Place both rollers back and reattach the cap, then lock in place.

Steps to clean the V8 main cleaning head

Remove Dyson V8 brush

1. Remove the cap

Dyson V8 unlock cap

Use a coin to remove the cap holding the brush in place.

2. Take out the brush

Dyson V8 removing brush

As you twist, the cap will pop out. Remove the lid and brush, then clean.

If hair wraps on the brush, use a scissor to remove it. Don’t forget to check the axles for any debris accumulation.

Grab a clean microfiber towel and wipe down the components of the nozzle. Also, clean the two small wheels in front, and the ball system as dust and sand will stick.

3. Reattach the brush

After cleaning, reattach the main brush and cap. Use a coin to twist and lock in place.

How to clean Dyson V8 cyclone?

How to clean Dyson V8 cyclone

Different parts of the V8’s cyclonic system.

Lastly, let’s look at how to clean the V8 cyclone. Dyson doesn’t have a tutorial on this, but it’s possible with the right tools. Cleaning this component is a great way to extend the life of the V8. Dust will buildup over time in this area, and cleaning will help it perform as good as new.

Since you’ll be removing screws, place a clean towel underneath your work area, and grab a ziplock bag for storage to avoid misplacing it.

Warning: Disassembling the cyclone is something I don’t think Dyson recommends. Doing so may void the warranty. I would only recommend doing this if the unit you have is past the warranty coverage, and you’re the type who likes to DIY.

Steps to disassembling Dyson V8 cyclone

1. Remove the pre-motor filter

Please take out the pre-motor filter so it doesn’t get in the way.

2. Empty dustbin

Dyson V8 disassembling cyclone step 1

Pull the red lever to empty the contents (if any), then push a red lever (check photo) to release the dust container’s outer shell.

Remove Dyson V8 dustbin outer shell

Set it aside and clean it afterward if dirty.

3. Remove the cyclone assembly

With the dustbin’s outer shell off, locate the red lever you see on the photo below.

Removing Dyson V8 cyclone assembly

Push the lever, then slide the whole assembly upwards.

Use a torque screwdriver to remove these four Torx screws.

Remove Dyson V8 torx screws

Once the bolts are out, take out this component with the bolts and place it inside a ziplock bag.

Dyson V8 removing red lever component

4. Use a flat tool to unfasten the screen filter

Grab a flat tool (like a flathead screwdriver) and gently pull it towards you as you rotate the filter assembly.

I didn’t use a flathead but instead this plastic tool.

Dyson V8 removing mesh filter

As you pull, you will feel the clips loosen. Don’t rush this step or risk damaging the clips.

Once you’ve loosened the clips, pull the mesh filter out. Wipe a clean microfiber towel.

Dyson V8 mesh filter out

You could wash this with running water, but make sure to rinse it well and dry thoroughly to prevent corrosion.

5. Remove cyclones

After taking out the mesh filter, you’ll have access to the Torx screws holding the outer cyclone shell.

Remove Dyson V8 outer cyclone shell

Four bolts are holding it in place. After removing them, pull the cover. You could see how dirty this part is, and it’s why I mentioned wearing rubber gloves.

Dyson v8 outer cyclone cover out

Once you’ve pulled out the outer cover, remove the inner part.

This time I used a microfiber towel because it’s filthy. No screws are holding it, so pull it out.

Dyson V8 remove inner cyclone shell

Look at all the filth covering it.

Dyson V8 inner cyclone shell

6. Disassemble the top cyclone assembly

There are two Torx screws outside and another four inside the cyclones.

Here’s the location of the two outer Torx screws (check photo).

Dyson V8 disassemble cyclone outer screws

And the inner screws. You may need a flashlight to find the bolts’ exact location because of all the dust covering it.

Dyson V8 disassembling cyclones inner screws

Four screws are holding the cyclones in place. Loosen all, then dismantle.

Dyson V8 dismantling cyclones

The cyclonic system of the V8 has various layers.

Dyson V8 inner cyclone

There are also two gaskets you need to clean—the pink/red outer gasket.

Dyson V8 cyclone gasket

And another smaller gasket located underneath.

Dyson V8 inner gasket

Store all the screws in a ziplock bag to avoid losing it.

Lastly, remove this component from the cyclone.

Dyson V8 disassembling cyclone

Carefully remove the inner and outer gaskets. Don’t pull too hard, or it will tear.

7. Wash cyclone components

Clean the parts under running water. Some may recommend using liquid dish soap. I prefer using only water. If you decide to add dish soap, avoid strong detergents as it can degrade the plastic components. Also, use a little and rinse well.

Use a soft brush when washing the seals. These are delicate parts. Avoid scrubbing too hard.

Make sure there’s no soapy residue left on all the parts before putting it back together.

Reassembling the V8 cyclone

It’s one thing to dismantle, but putting back the cyclones will be harder, and can be confusing.

So I created a separate section for this as a guide. Please note that I don’t know the exact name of each element, so use the photos as a guide.

1. Attach the black gasket to this component.

Assembling Dyson V8 cyclones

Notice that the indentations are facing outward.

2. Join the cyclone cover and the part above.

Assembling Dyson V8 cyclone components step 2

3. Reattach the red gasket

Reattaching the Dyson V8 red gasket in cyclone assembly

Again, make sure the indentations of the gasket are facing outward.

4. Attach inner cyclone

Attach inner cyclone of the Dyson V8

The inner cyclone has five ports. I missed this part during my first try. So I had to disassemble to reattach this part.

Another view of the inner cyclone

5. Install the outer cyclone and fasten bolts.

Reattaching the outer cyclone in the Dyson V8

Next, reattach the outer cyclone. There are six bolts holding it.

Two are located on the outer part (check photo below).

Tighten the bolts

There are also four bolts you have to tighten within the cyclones. A magnetic screwdriver will help to reattach the bolts.

Tighten the four inner bolts

6. Reattach the inner cyclone cover

Reattach inner cyclone shell

This component doesn’t have any screws.

7. Then the outer cyclone cover

Reattach outer cyclone shell (Dyson V8)

Don’t forget to tighten the four bolts to secure it in place.

8. Reattach outer mesh filer.

Reattach outer mesh filter

Only clips hold the mesh filter. Place it on a flat surface then push down until you hear the clips clamp on the frame. Double-check to see the mesh filter is securely fastened.

9. Connect the red lever on the cyclone assembly.

Reattach red lever

Tighten the four Torx screws.

Tight four screws

10. Slide the cyclone assembly on the motor.

Slide the cyclonic assembly on the motor

Line up the notches and slide the cyclonic component on the motor until you hear a clicking sound.

11. Reattach dustbin

Reattach dustbin of Dyson V8

The last step is to reattach the dustbin and pre-motor filter.

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